New updates and improvements to

  1. Announcing the Alpha


    We’re really excited to announce that is now in alpha! You can sign up for your free account over at and start building interactive user journey maps from today.

    Getting started with

    Upon signing up for we’ll generate a demo map for you called Chocolatebox, you can use this map to experiment with and learn about’s feature set or you can delete it and build your own.

    To help you get up and running with we’ve compiled a set of tutorials that covers all the functionality through a journey to building a full user journey map, these are available in the help section of our website -

    Account limits during the alpha

    During the alpha there are a few limitations on the number of maps and versions you can have per map. This is to keep costs down while we work on setting up paid account plans.

    You’ll be limited to a total of 3 maps and within each of those maps you’ll be limited to 10 versions (for a total of 30 versions across all maps). This limit is inline with what we’re currently thinking for the free plan we’ll offer once we set up paid account plans so users who take part in the alpha will be able to move to a free plan once we’re fully launched.

    Tell us what you think

    During the alpha we’ll be conducting user research in order to better understand the problems that our users are looking to solve and how we can provide tools for them to build shared understanding around that area.

    When signing up you’ll be given the option to opt-in to this user research and we’d really appreciate it if you’d participate. A user research session takes no more than an hour over a video call (no pressure to turn your camera on) and consists of a casual chat about how you’re finding, how you’re using it and any features you’d like to see in the future.

    If you’d rather not take part in a video call and instead would prefer the conversation takes place over email let us know as we’re more than happy to facilitate this.

    What's next?

    Hopefully all the suggestions that come out of the user research! Since tying up development on the alpha our brains have been running at 100mph thinking of where we would provide value to teams, so there’s plenty on our backlog.

    Top-most of these is building integrations between and other tools so users can import data from tools such as Miro and Jira to populate maps quickly and bring maps into the tools that teams use for building their understanding of the work that needs to be done such as Jira, Slack and more.

    To support building these integrations we’ll be looking to build a developer ecosystem around so teams can build their own integrations with their user journey map data to meet their needs.

    If you’d like to have your say on what we build into the next release check the user research consent box during sign up and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs.